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Innovative. Holistic. Pleasantly different: The Zahnloft.

How do you recognize a good restaurant? One of the reasons is that it’s always full. And a good dental practice? On the contrary. Because only then a clever management as an expression of your appreciation reigns there. For this reason, the Zahnloft dental practice around the dentist Dr. Mateo Hermel in Cologne has none of these typical waiting rooms in which patients crowd like in an overcrowded official corridor. But what the name already reveals: an open, elegant, light-flooded ambience that you enter like an exclusive boutique hotel, a relaxed flair in which your ideas of healthy, beautiful teeth get the space they deserve.

Much more than a dental practice in Cologne

You will be picked up at the door at your appointment and you will immediately feel what this extraordinary dental practice in downtown Cologne is all about: you personally. Here you will experience a consultation at eye level that could not be more profound and transparent. A great passion for the best solution, regardless of whether you are privately or legally insured. And a dental artistry that many colleagues of Dr. Mateo Hermel also trust.

In the dental loft you can enjoy technologies and procedures in their most modern form – from gentle methods to meticulous tooth preservation measures, functional prosthetics and sustainable periodontitis treatment to the art of implantology.

Microscope-supported precision in every field

What is special about the dental loft: Dr. Hermel works with the achievements of microscopic dentistry in all these areas. While most practices only use dental microscopes in endodontics, he uses this unsurpassedly precise technology for caries treatments, among other things: Leaky filling or crown margins can then be better detected and areas close to the nerves can be optimally treated. Micro Dentistry” is also an advantage in periodontal surgery, with regard to the anchoring of dental implants or in the restoration with veneers – Dr. Hermel can thus adapt and control these so-called veneers even more precisely.

It’s a fact: Thanks to its up to 40x magnification and extremely bright LED illumination, the dental microscope enables astonishing accuracy in diagnostics and therapy and helps the dental loft to operate minimally invasively on virtually any field. As a patient, you benefit from maximum protection of your tissue and tooth substance. With the help of the integrated photo camera you receive a vivid and perfectly comprehensible explanation of all steps.

The good feeling of having found your dentist

Dr. Mateo Hermel is not only one of Cologne’s most innovative dentists, but also an expert in temporomandibular joint diagnostics. And this indicates that the diversely certified dentist has a subtle eye for our holistic constitution. He knows:”Things must never be viewed in isolation, but must be understood mutually.

The consequences of this attitude can be found everywhere in the dental loft – from the nuanced anamnesis to consideration of the special needs of patients who, for example, receive their own room to relax after extensive treatment. Because this is the only way to achieve top performance. For perfect teeth. And the good feeling of having found your dentist.


Opening Hours

We are there for you:
Monday to Friday from
7.00 – 12.00 a.m. and
Monday to Thursday from
13.00 – 18.00 p.m.
Closed on Friday afternoon.
Telephone consultation ends on mondays
up to thursdays at 17.00 p.m. and on fridays at 11.00 a.m.

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