All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns. Quality on principle.

Zahnloft: Best solutions without compromises.

If a tooth has become so fragile that fillings would no longer hold, partial crowns or complete crowns are the solution of choice. Classically, gold, platinum or metal alloys are used. However, the dental loft prefers all-ceramics. It is available in many different shades of white and can be adapted to natural teeth in every detail.

All-ceramics for crowns as if from nature

Due to new materials, the material not only looks like real teeth in terms of colour and light transmission, which makes it a blessing especially in the visible area. It is now also absolutely break-proof and – unlike metal crowns – cannot cause allergies. In addition, ceramic is more permeable to temperature stimuli and feels more natural and lighter in the mouth than gold, for example. And: with good care, an all-ceramic crown will last for decades.