Prophylaxis: Oral hygiene without compromise

Sometimes the professional has to take it. Also for dental care.

Dental prophylaxis? Don’t be silly. Many people think of brushing their teeth as brushing their teeth and only think of the good old toothbrush. Which is a big mistake. This only reaches around 60 percent of the areas besieged by bacteria. The considerable rest is hidden in niches and interdental spaces, which are something like the often neglected backyard of oral hygiene. And in the long run, this can only be improved with conscientious prophylaxis – a prophylaxis that cannot be achieved without proper use of toothbrush, dental floss, tongue scraper, interdental brush and the like.

Dental health is hanging by a thread

The Zahnloft provides detailed advice on all such preventive measures and thus fights against stubborn plaque as the cause of plaque and tartar. If this fight is lost due to incorrect brushing techniques, the use of inappropriate brushes, dental floss laziness or tooth unfriendly eating habits, unpleasant bad breath and inflammations at the gingival margin are the consequences, which later almost inevitably degenerate into caries, periodontitis or even tooth loss.

So that patients can play it safe, the Zahnloft also offers professional tooth cleaning. First of all, the condition of teeth and gums is carefully analysed, from which the details of the treatment result from the hands of specially trained prophylaxis experts.

War on tartar

Dental hygienists then use brushes, sandpaper strips and dental floss to deal with the plaque, while various special instruments are used to treat tartar. A water powder blasting machine removes dark discolourations and destroys residues of the biofilm, polishing and sealing of the teeth provide even better protection. All this is not only healthy for the oral cavity. The teeth look much better that way.