Prosthetics: Dentures for every taste and budget

Transparency and expertise for a personal solution

Teeth are easily damaged, that’s the bad news. The good one, on the other hand, is now better than ever: provided that they are of dental artistry, they can be repaired excellently without requiring massive interventions. The services in the dental loft around the prosthetics prove this. Because here, too, Dr. Mateo Hermel’s premise is to work minimally invasively and thus preserve the natural tooth substance as much as possible.

Perfect dentures. Natural look.

This applies to high-quality plastic fillings, inlays or crowns as well as bridges and other fixed dentures used for larger defects. Zahnloft works closely with selected German laboratories that guarantee the highest quality. It helps ensure that your dental prosthesis meets or even exceeds all functional and aesthetic criteria. And that means, among other things: Thanks to its natural appearance, every prosthetic measure from the dental loft integrates harmoniously into the healthy dental environment and is in no way noticeable.

Dentures as a question of transparency

Such results are not least a consequence of zahnloft’s well-balanced, highly transparent advice. It clarifies all questions about the possible materials and procedures, tolerances, optics and, of course, costs. In one you can be sure after weighing all alternatives: At Zahnloft you get exactly the dentures you really want and need.

Prothesen und Zahnersatz – Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Hermel