The Royal Road Implant: More balance. More bite. More smiles.

Modern implantology in the dental loft. Quality of life has a name.

Life loves balance. In nutrition, in exercise, at work and in many other spheres. But what very few people know: The oral cavity also needs balance to keep the jaw and body healthy. However, this is disturbed when a tooth can no longer be saved. An implant is then the best solution – and Dr. Mateo Hermel is an expert who scores with experience and high-tech in the field of implantology. But that’s not all. The implantologist is also the author of innovations with which he achieves better, faster and more economical results.

Implants can prevent health problems

But to what extent are gaps between teeth, bridges or prostheses risky for balance? They are because where the natural teeth are missing, no more pressure is directed into the jaw and as a result the jaw bone disappears at this point. Implants, on the other hand, are artificial tooth roots that stimulate the bone with pressure stimuli and thus keep it in shape. In addition: If the chewing pressure is not absorbed by tooth contact, this can lead to arthritis in the jaw joints, headaches and back complaints. Here too, implants are the ideal way to prevent this.

The anchoring of implants is minimally invasive and therefore extremely gentle. First, Dr. Hermel punches a tiny hole in the jaw – it is no longer necessary to drill or cut the gums; the substance of the bone is practically retained. Then he screws the implant made of biocompatible titanium or ceramic with the greatest precision. Due to gentle ultrasound and microscopic surgical techniques, swelling and wound pain are extremely low and tissue or nerve injuries are practically impossible. After the implant has healed and is fully integrated into the bone, the second step involves the placement of an all-ceramic crown that is indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Immediate implants: Functionality and aesthetics in no time at all

Depending on the bone or inflammatory condition, the healing phase of the implants takes two to six months. However, the Zahnloft also offers immediate implants under certain conditions. And that means: Thanks to special threads and a technique developed by Dr. Mateo Hermel, unique in Germany, patients can be treated with a stable artificial tooth root and a temporary crown immediately after extraction of a tooth. This saves time, eliminates the need for a second procedure to uncover the ingrown implant and thus significantly reduces costs. This form of immediate implant placement has been proven to improve the quality of the bone substance, which also keeps the gum structure taut and healthy. This not only benefits the aesthetics of the teeth; the statics of the entire face are also retained, preventing patients from visually aging if their natural teeth are lost.

An excellent diagnosis is the basis for every implant in the Zahnloft. For this purpose, Dr. Hermel uses a digital volume tomography which allows a three-dimensional representation of the oral cavity and thus meticulous planning.

Modern bone management for strong teeth

In addition,  digital volume tomography helps with advanced bone management, which is a major feature of the dental loft: If the jaw bone – perhaps due to periodontitis – has already sunk in and requires bone augmentation before implant placement, the radiological device represents the bony structure and the course of blood vessels and nerves so precisely that the so-called sinus lift can occur with rare precision. Dr. Mateo Hermel supports the sunken maxillary sinus with bone blocks from the posterior arch of the jaw or replacement materials from the laboratory exactly where they are needed in the individual case. For exact results. And a strong, beautiful set of teeth that you will enjoy for decades.

Showing teeth with implants – the advantages at a glance

  • Implants are not only visually similar to real teeth in every detail; they also feel the same and work comparably well: implants are highly resilient and last for decades.
  • Implants prevent the jawbone from degrading due to the stimulus that chewing exerts on the artificial tooth root. They stop ailments such as back problems or headaches that can be caused by a jaw with unbalanced geometry.
  • Implants are highly esthetic and remain so. In contrast to bridges, for example, they avoid ugly dark niches in places where the jaw sinks due to missing teeth.
  • Implants have long since ceased to be a lengthy affair. In the dental loft, a full restoration is possible even for completely edentulous upper and lower jaws with immediate implants in just under a day.
ZAHNLOFT - Implantologie, Endodontie
ZAHNLOFT - Implantologie, Endodontie