Endodontics: With the microscope to the root of the problem

Tooth preservation pays off. Because nothing is as perfect as nature.

When you have no teeth left, the best beef steaks come, the French impressionist Auguste Renoir once complained. The sigh would meanwhile be exaggerated – today there is the suitable dental prosthesis for everyone. But it is also true that nothing beats the natural tooth. Endodontics as a modern root canal treatment therefore plays a central role in the dental loft.

Endodontics protects tooth and organism

When roots and nerves inside the teeth become diseased, bacteria penetrate and cause inflammation at the root tips, which then spread to the jawbone via the soft tissue, can become purulent and extremely painful. Possible consequences are not only the loss of the tooth, but also dangerous infections in the organism.

What most people don’t know: Even long after a root canal treatment, dead teeth can be a cause for the formation of trouble spots from a holistic perspective. Pathogens, microorganisms and toxic protein degradation products then implant themselves, destabilize the immune system and often lead to inflammation in astonishingly distant body regions. In endodontics, therefore, rapid action is extremely important in both cases.

Pain through endodontics? Not in the loft!

The absolutely residue-free removal of inflamed tissue is the condition for lasting success in endodontics. But it is tricky – some of the individually curved root canals are thinner than a human hair. Dr. Mateo Hermel devotes himself to them with experience and tact, time and anatomical knowledge.

Thanks to an ultra-modern, perfectly magnifying and illuminating surgical microscope, it penetrates the finest branches and removes all pulp tissue from them with filigree nickel-titanium files. Dr. Hermel then rinses and disinfects the root canals several times in order to supply them with thermoplastic high-tech filling material, seal them according to all the rules of art and finally cover them with a crown. In this way, Zahnloft has already saved countless teeth that were thought to have been lost.

Of course, patients would rather go to their favorite Italian than to an endontological treatment, which can take a few hours due to its high degree of precision. But those who are afraid of pain can be reassured: Through innovative and targeted local anaesthetic measures, root canal treatment in the dental loft is usually almost painless.

Zahnverlusst behandeln – Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Hermel

“Rescue for your teeth”