You have beautiful teeth!

Aesthetic dentition: Much more than just a beautiful appearance

To care for, maintain and restore the teeth primarily serves the health of the teeth, the oral cavity and the entire organism. But that’s not all. As researchers at London’s King’s College found out, beautiful and pearly white teeth – and thus aesthetic dentistry as well – largely influence the image that others have of us.

According to her study, a flawless smile stands for youth, vitality and health. What is interesting, however, is what the scientists measured beyond this when they presented test persons with 100 photos of smiling people. They also determined attributes such as strength, intelligence, competence, credibility and balance for the owners of attractive teeth. People with unkempt, discolored and crooked teeth, on the other hand, rated the test subjects as unattractive, less smart and unpopular.

Aesthetic dentistry: arrive better, feel better

Is that bad news for all those who are not naturally blessed with even and white teeth? No, says the Zahnloft. Because Dr. Mateo Hermel knows how to transform blemished and deformed teeth into beautiful and powerful specimens with the right interventions, which make an impression everywhere. Always gentle. Always natural. And always exactly according to type.

Patients do not leave the practice with these uniform, unnaturally white unit dentures, which sometimes appear as if they did not belong to the body. Rather, teeth from the tooth loft match the face and personality and make the smile appear fresh, healthy and vital. For a strong self-esteem. And fun with communication.

An eye for the big picture

In simple cases, regular professional tooth cleaning can contribute a lot to aesthetic dentition. In more complicated situations, on the other hand, aesthetic dentistry procedures, in which Dr. Mateo Hermel has a great deal of know-how, experience and tact, can help. Not to mention his eye for the interplay of teeth, personality and face.