Anxiety patients

Anxiety patients: Who’s afraid of the white man?

The uninformed, says the Zahnloft. And takes the sting out of fear.

He who is not afraid has no imagination, they say. So we must all be dream dancers when it comes to dental health. Because if one believes different studies, three out of four humans before dentist attendance jitters. One in ten even fears so much that they avoid treatment even when they are in pain – and suffer from a full-blown dental phobia. But this fear is as irrational as the fear of flying, which, as we know, is safer than any other mode of transport.

Speaking medicine in a distinctive atmosphere

For this reason, Zahnloft has a clear philosophy: Those who are well informed are not afraid. Based on this point of view, Dr. Mateo Hermel and his staff ensure that anxiety patients can finally relax with a great deal of vivid information, sensitivity and looseness. You know: Fears are buried deep in the subconscious and do not have to be exposed less carefully than inflamed root canals.

In the distinctive, almost private atmosphere of the dental loft without clinical noises, smells or furnishing details, they maintain the style of “talking medicine”. In this trustful, time-consuming exchange, the fear triggers gradually emerge, become questionable and lose their power. The actual treatment only begins when the fear of a deep serenity has given way.

Intelligent anesthesia. Calm intervention.

In addition, there are ultra-modern variants of local anaesthesia, which largely reduce or even completely eliminate pain. Or would you prefer a general anaesthetic? This is also possible in the Zahnloft. However, due to the sensitive treatment of anxiety patients, it is often not necessary at all, which offers a clear advantage, especially in longer procedures.

Hilfe bei Angst vor dem Zahnarzt – Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Hermel

“Together with us you overcome your fear”