Teeth good. It’s all good.

More than just pretty accessories: Teeth are the basis for well-being

What happens if a dentist can’t see the forest for the trees? Then he only recognizes a series of individual teeth in his teeth – teeth that have to be treated as soon as he diagnoses caries, periodontitis, inflamed root canals or other damage. He doesn’t care much about the causes. However, this has little to do with modern dentistry, the Zahnloft in Cologne knows.

Holistic dentistry: teeth in interaction

In Dr. Mateo Hermel’s practice, not only high tech, progressive methods and a high degree of expertise are concentrated. The dentist also holds it with Paracelsus: A whole person hangs on every tooth. The dentist therefore always takes into account the interaction of your teeth with various organs and health risks. A glance into his oral cavity is like looking into his body: the German Association of Dentists working in naturopathy estimates that a good two thirds of all diseases of the internal organs can be traced back to diseased teeth.

In the dental loft it has long been understood that simple cause-effect thinking does not do justice to the complex system of the organism. Rather, each individual tooth is linked to a specific organ of the body via energetic connecting paths. In this way, bladder infections, kidney complaints or knee problems, for example, can be attributed to defects in the incisors and a diseased molar tooth can cause digestive disorders. However, the reverse direction of the mechanism of action from the organ to the tooth is also possible. Just as hepatitis can sometimes only recover after the extraction of a canine, a diseased liver can promote inflammation of the canines.

Teeth in context

This all means that only those who understand and can influence these interrelationships, which function in a circuit diagram, act truly modern. And all this with astonishingly fast and clear successes: Already after the first session in the dental loft, the overall well-being of many of his patients improves significantly.