Bleaching: whitening with personality

White teeth from a professional. Because white isn’t white.

White teeth symbolize strength, health, vitality. Dentures with shades of grey and yellow, on the other hand, have a sickly effect on us. No wonder then that we do not want to accept the discoloration process to which our teeth are inevitably subjected: From about the age of 35, the enamel becomes thinner, the dark interior of the tooth shimmers through, the smile loses its radiance. Luxury foods such as coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco intensify this process or allow it to be used earlier. The same applies to iron supplements, antibiotics and other medicines. Bleaching is in any case the method by which teeth can be restored to radiance – if one knows how to handle it carefully.

Bleaching is a matter of trust

During bleaching, certain chemicals are added to the tooth via a special gel, where they split off oxygen radicals and lighten pigments in the enamel. The tooth loft performs this process after thorough tooth cleaning to prevent irregular staining. Due to the outstanding quality of the chemicals used and the professional care during the bleaching procedure, your tooth enamel is spared and the tooth hardness is fully retained.

However, you also have the option of gradually whitening your teeth yourself. You apply the bleaching gel overnight to a custom-made splint for the upper and lower jaw until the desired shade is achieved. Of course, the Zahnloft explains all aspects that are important for the success of this home bleaching.

Bleaching with attention

This also means: Together with Dr. Mateo Hermel you determine in advance the suitable white of your teeth, which can never be chosen at random – for dental and aesthetic reasons. For example, the shade of your teeth should be approximately the same as the white of your eyeballs. If it is more dominant, the teeth quickly appear unnatural like bathroom tiles.

Bleaching Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Hermel

“shine with their teeth.”