Veneers: Chic in shell

Aesthetic teeth thanks to veneers

There are only a few factors that define what is perceived as beautiful, depending on the culture. But there are many flaws that can get in the way of beauty. Also and above all, when it comes to the teeth as one of the most important founders of attractiveness. These include discolorations, flaking, cracks, chewed teeth in the posterior region, broken corners, minor misalignments or tooth damage after an accident. All these blemishes can be perfectly concealed and compensated in the tooth loft with veneers.

Veneers: naturally beautiful

The English term means facade or veneer and refers to veneers made of mostly fine, wafer-thin special ceramics or plastic. Before gluing, they are meticulously aligned with your own teeth and adapt perfectly. In addition, the highly aesthetic veneers, shimmering like natural enamel, are able to protect the tooth nerve from mechanical, chemical, bacterial and temperature-related stimuli. And: The veneers of the tooth loft last 15 years.

In order to apply the individually manufactured trays with high-tech adhesive, they must first be ground to a minimum. Dr. Mateo Hermel does this with the greatest meticulousness and thus ensures that the natural tooth substance is preserved in the best possible way.

Non Prep Veneers for even more protection

Non-prep veneers are an alternative to classic veneers. They allow the veneers to stick together without the sometimes unpleasant sanding process. As a dental loft patient, you can try on both veneer solutions in the form of plastic specimens before gluing them on at home to be completely safe.